Working in Plymouth's Premier Escape Room

Working in Plymouth's Premier Escape Room


As summer draws to a close, we decided to turn to our team for their view on Escape rooms. We asked Joe (One of our owners) and Morgan (a Game Host) some questions that we’ve been asked in the past few months.


How long have you worked in an escape room?

J- About 3 years, I started in Escapism Chester, but went into business to open up Escapism Plymouth when I moved back down south.

M- 3 months! I was here when we first opened.


How many escape rooms have you personally done?

J- 14…I think?

M- 4! Including the first one I did here.


What is your favourite type of puzzle?

J – A puzzle that has everything you need right there in front of you, and when it clicks you just can’t understand how you didn’t see it before

M- Anything visual that you really have to look at to figure it out.


If you could design any type of room, what theme would it be?

J- Not sure on a theme, but it would have something that you would go underground.

M – A hotel


Out of the rooms we have, which is your favourite and why?

J – Legacy, because everything you need is there, you just have to look for it, and as a game host it is satisfying to reset.

M- Missing, it’s just got some really unique twists that I love.


What would your ideal escape team consist of?

J- A finder, a thinker, a do-er, and someone to act as clean up crew.

M – 4 people, with a good sense of urgency and energy with a drive to escape.


Favourite type of take home escape game?

J – Unlock games – they are reusable, and you can take them anywhere.

M – Unlock games, I love that you use an app as well as what they provide in the box.


What is your favourite padlock?

J – Directional padlock, I love the puzzles that usually relate to them, and you don’t see them very often so it’s a novelty. From a host’s point of view, it’s great to see people’s reaction to seeing one for the first time because it’s something new to them and they don’t know what to do with it.

M – Word padlock, there’s just something satisfying about an actual word being an answer and watching people shout random words in a room when they figure it out.


Without any spoilers, what is your best memory of watching a room since Escapism Plymouth opened 3 months ago?

J – Watching a group of 2 people who hadn’t done a room before. They were great from when they came in so we built this fantastic rapport, so when they went in they were getting so worked up with fear and excitement of their own doing, then I turned the lights off at the perfect time and the reaction was amazing. They loved it so much they came back and did the rest of the rooms within a week.

M - Mine is actually when I was watching someone else watch a room. I got to watch Lauren (One of our owners) watch a record-breaking clueless run for Breadcrumbs, which she had been part of designing and building, she was so happy and it was so wholesome


Our Game Hosts enjoy watching rooms almost as much as people enjoy doing them, and we’re always up to answer any questions you may have!

Drop us an email on, pop in, or reach out via our Facebook page if you have any queries before you book in!

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