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What is Escapism?

Escapism is a Live Escape Room experience. We lock you in one of our themed rooms for 60 minutes and then it’s up to you to find clues and solve puzzles to escape in time.

Our rooms are themed around different stories and experiences. We want to creatively challenge your brain and spark your imagination.

Who can play?

Our escape rooms are designed with all in mind. Your team could be friends, family or work colleagues. It’s a fantastic way to break the ice, to team build, or warm up for a night of celebrations, whether that’s a birthday, a stag, or a hen party.

Can I partake if I am pregnant?

Absolutely you can! Some of our rooms contain loud noises, which can cause a bit of a shock. There is also some crouching required in The Missing and in Forge, however only one player in the group will need to do this.

Is the experience difficult?

The rooms contain puzzles, problem solving and team work, we put all these skills to the test at Escapism in our fun themed rooms. However, our Game Hosts are watching carefully, and are on hand if you ever need a helpful hint.

How many rooms do you have?

We have six rooms to give you a choice of a variety of different Escapism experiences - you can find out specifics of our rooms here.

How much does it cost?

Our rooms are priced by person with the price per person decreasing the more people you have in your room.

Peak dates

  • 2 players - £24 per person
  • 3 players - £22 per person
  • 4 players - £20.50 per person
  • 5 players - £19 per person
  • 6 players - £16 per person
  • 7 players - £16 per person

Off Peak dates

  • 2 players - £23 per person
  • 3 players - £21 per person
  • 4 players - £19.50 per person
  • 5 players - £18 per person
  • 6 players - £16 per person
  • 7 players - £16 per person

Is it safe?

Yes, all of our rooms are designed to be safe and fun, sessions are monitored by our trained game hosts to ensure your safety and enjoyment. If, for whatever reason, you want to leave the room, you can exit at any time.

Are there age limits?

We recommend players are at least 10 years old to get the most out of the Escapism experience.

Any players under 16 must have an adult on site in case there are any issues.

How many people can play each room?

The maximum group sizes vary depending on the room, ranging from 2 - 7 players. Check out our Rooms page to see which room is best suited to your group size.

We have 8 players, can we all go in one room?

Unfortunately the maximum players we can have in one room is 7 people, but we suggest booking more than one room if you have more players than that and split the team in two. If you have any queries about larger bookings, our team members will be happy to recommend the best solution for your group.

When are you open?

We are open from 10am - 10pm, 7 days a week. We do close on Christmas Day, and have some restricted hours during the holiday period, but these will be clearly advertised and reflected on our website around this time.

Accessibility and special requirements

Some of our clues require the ability to hear, and when our game hosts send through clues there is an audible alert tone, so we advise that at least one of the group is not hard of hearing. However, if you inform us of any issues prior to your arrival then we can cater for these. The majority of clues and puzzles are visual.

Some of our rooms have flashing lights as part of the game or the video material played throughout, please contact us to enquire which rooms would be more suitable if any of your players suffer from light sensitive epilepsy.

Our venue is wheelchair accessible, and very few of the game aspects require physical movements. However, we do advise that at least one member of each team does not have restricted mobility.

The Missing has been designed to be wheelchair accessible for the most part however, there will be one area of the room that may be inaccessible.

Breadcrumbs has enough room for a wheelchair user however, there will be one area of the room that may be inaccessible.

Forge has enough room for a wheelchair user, however, there will be 2 small areas of the room that may be inaccessible. There are also sections of the room which require at least one person to get quite close to the floor.

Radioactive has been designed to be wheelchair accessible for the most part, however there are puzzles that will require reaching up.

Wrecked has been designed to be wheelchair accessible for the most part, however there will be one area of the room that may be inaccessible, including a puzzle that would need to be reached up for.

What if someone is claustrophobic?

Our rooms are spacious, and all players are monitored on CCTV for any issues. Each room also has an emergency exit button, meaning that players can leave if they wish to do so, and you can always re-enter if your team is still playing.

How do we get to you?

Whether you have booked your session or just want to pop in and say 'hello', here is some helpful ways on how to get to us.

Bus travel: All bus routes that drive to Plymouth City centre will pass right by us. Look for the RED star on the map to help you find their closest stops.

Walking: We are very lucky to have such a central location for our escape rooms, you can’t miss us! We are next to the Barcode, beside Paradise Golf as you walk down the hill.

Cycling and bike racks: If you’re cycling to us and want to know where the safest place to leave your bike is- We have found the GREEN star location to be one of the safest close to us. There is a camera that watches this specific spot, and you are right next to a busy road. Don't forget to use good bike lock to secure your bicycle.

Car parks: You can find the entrance to the various car parks in the area by the location of the BLUE stars. The Barcode and Drake’s circus car park have charging points for electric vehicles.

However you choose to travel, always remember to plan ahead for your journey so you can arrive on time for your session.

Map showing how to get to Escapism Plymouth

Is there car parking available?

We are fortunately situated near to a variety of car parks, though tariffs vary depending on the time of day and length of stay. During busy times, please leave ample time to park and make your way to us.

Charles Cross Car Park

Located right behind Escapism Plymouth - simply park up and head right out towards Bretonside Road - we’re the first building on the right as you look towards the Barcode.

Bretonside C Car Park

Conveniently, Bretsonside C Car Park is right across the street from Escapism Plymouth, though please note that this location has a 3 hour maximum stay.

The Barcode Car Park

Beneath the Barcode complex is a sizable parking structure, upon exiting the car park make your way down Bretonside Road, we’re just past Paradise Golf.

Drakes Circus Car Park

Once parked up in the Drakes Circus car park, head towards the Barcode complex, look for a set of steps that will take you down towards Bretonside Road, and continue down the hill past Paradise Golf.

Do you offer any concessionary discounts?

We currently offer a 10% discount for Blue Light card holders and Students. Just input the codes at checkout for the discount, and make sure to bring your Blue Light/student card when you arrive for your booking.

Blue Light discount code: BlueLight10

Student discount code: STU10

Any other questions?

Please contact us if you have any questions that aren’t covered above.

Book Online, Call 01752 221 667
or email info@escapismplymouth.co.uk for more info

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