What's New with You?

What's New with You?


New year's is the perfect time to be setting resolutions, for example, ours is to build some new rooms for you to try, what’s yours?

Morgan and Lauren have the same one - to drink more water. Tash wants to learn to drive and Harrison really wants a specific hoody.

But one thing everyone can agree is that the new year inspires everyone to better themselves in some way, whether that’s to take more care of your body, or take some time to focus on your mental health.

There are many things you can do to improve your mental health, including doing things you enjoy, exercise, better nutrition, or trying new things.

So how does Escapism Plymouth fit into the story?

Working together:

Research has proven that teamwork and collaboration help to build foundations for positive mental health and emotional intelligence.

What is ‘escapism’? And why are we obsessed with it?

For some people there is nothing better than digging into a good game on the PC, Xbox, Mobile, PlayStation or a board game. This satisfies a core part of our current culture: Escapism. Not only can you forget your everyday problems, releasing you from your common stresses for a time, but you’re planted into room where you’re the main characters of the story. Though of course, for that hour you have different stakes, and they are always high!

Inside the room……

When you find yourself inside our escape rooms you are presented with a problem and a goal- With 60 Minutes on the clock to give you a bit of extra motivation! The puzzles force you to think creatively. Being creative can increase positive emotions, reduce depressive and anxiety symptoms, and even improve your immune system.

Outside the box……

The best kind of escapism is the kind that positively affects the real world! Escape rooms have a real-world impact on how we approach everyday problem solving. Creativity is praised in some of the highest paying jobs in the world, the ability to think outside the box, see things from a different perspective, and work collaboratively.

So escape today, by being locked away!

We see escape rooms as a celebration of the mind. Demonstrated from the initial conception of a room with its theme, puzzles and narrative, to our customers experiencing the unique, immersive, problem-solving experience. Positive outcomes are there to be discovered regardless of what time you escape with, how many clues you have or if you even escape at all!

Escape rooms are mental… But in a healthy way!

For more information on how puzzles can help your mental health, visit Mind - A mental Health Charity

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