They're Here!

They're Here!


We told you new things were coming!

March was a big month for us, opening not one, but TWO NEW ROOMS!

The response to Forge and Wrecked has been great, and it’s been wonderful to see so many familiar faces back to try them out, we know you’ve all been eager to get your fix of newness.

We asked our team which room addition they’ve most enjoyed over the last few weeks, here’s what they said:


Alben recommends: WRECKED

I would recommend Wrecked, it's our Plymouth themed room after all! Plus, I don't think I've seen many escape rooms set in a lighthouse!

Jaime recommends: FORGE

I’d recommend Forge for how immersive it feels- the room and the puzzles go hand in hand to create an amazing experience. The intro video is one of my favourites, and the dynamic difficulty really adds that extra level of interest.

Morgan recommends: WRECKED

I feel like Wrecked is the perfect room for families, it feels like there is something to do for everyone.

Tash recommends: Can’t choose between them!

I love the theming of both rooms, like how much this guy just loves his lighthouse! There is some unique puzzles in both that I hadn’t seen before, and the games flow really well.

Joe recommends: FORGE

If you're new to escape rooms, Forge will give you a chance to test where your skills lie with a variety of puzzles and ways to think.

Lauren recommends: I can’t choose either!

I wanted to love Wrecked more than Forge because of the storyline, but I just love them both equally! The theming makes me happy, and it makes my shift when I’m watching people discover new things about each room as they play. Some of the quotes we’ve heard from players already have had me howling with laughter, so I’m looking forward to seeing which room customers prefer.

Mikayla recommends: FORGE

Forge is an immersive room with carefully curated props and puzzles. It's my favourite because of the little details that all build up together to make an authentic experience of being a blacksmiths apprentice!

This room feels like magic, it's a completely different vibe to compared to the other rooms!


With the holidays coming up, take advantage of your extra free time and plan an escape with your friends or family. We are open every day from 10am-10pm, and the whole team here is waiting eagerly to welcome you in to try out our rooms, new and existing alike!

Spaces are already booking up quickly for Easter, so take a look at our Book Now page to see when you can come and try out one of Plymouth’s newest additions!

Book Online, Call 01752 221 667
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