Lights Out!

Lights Out!


Back by popular demand!

We have had so many people asking us if we are going to be bringing our halloween event back to life this year, and we are over the moon to let you know that we are! From Monday the 30th of October to Friday the 3rd of November, it's the perfect chance to get those Halloween and Bonfire spirits a boost with a thrilling take on our usual rooms. 

For those of you who didn't get the chance to join us for last years Lights Out! event, it's the perfectly spooky way to complete that room that you haven't had chance to give a go, or a way to see an old favourite in a new light! 

For Lights Out! you get a different experience than our usual offering, with all the lights in the room being turned out, leaving you with only a few torches to light your way! 

Fancy taking a stroll around a pitch black cemetary or trying to earn the kings favour by only the light of a flickering candle? Do you want to try and escape a nuclear facility with just the eery view of the EXIT signs, or be stranded in a creepy gingerbread house with just the flames of the oven to guide your way?

And, new this year! Wrecked will have a new storyline for this event only!

For this week you are on Salty Pete's side, protectors of the lighthouse trying to reverse the damage to the light and get those pesky smugglers locked away! How will you fare when you have to be on the other team for a change? 

One of our most popular events of the year, Lights Out! is an optional addition to your room, just pop a note in the comments saying you want to plummeted into darkness when you arrive....or you know...maybe something less dramatic. 

So whether it's your first, or 4th time completing a room - if you want a new challenge, or a new take on an old one, take a look here to see what spaces we have available and get booked in! 

P.S. If you want to have fun with our Gamehosts whilst you are here for your Light Out! room- wear black! You'll blend right in! 


Book Online, Call 01752 221 667
or email for more info

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