Keep In Touch!

Keep In Touch!


We see hundreds of people through our doors every week, and we love chatting to you when you arrive and before you leave! 

Our favourite thing is hearing about your escape experience, and yours seems to be asking us about what we do all day, our interactions with you day to day are the best thing about working here, we just can't get enough! 

If you feel like us, and want to stay in touch with us aswell, aside from our community outreach projects, the best ways for us to continue the conversation with our visitors are on our social media chanels and our newsletter! 

We've been learning what we can about social media, to make sure that you get the best possible content from us to put a smile on your face whilst you wait for your next room. Do you prefer getting all the special offers a week before everyone else by getting out newsletter, or would you rather get to see everyone's smiling faces on Facebook at the end of the day knowing they probably struggled on the same puzzle as you? 

Does meeting our team and seeing our 3d prints over our instagram excite you, or are always up for a giggle watching our team's videos pop up on your tiktok?

Whichever way you decide to keep up to date with what we have going on, remember to check out our other socials below, hitting follow and dropping us a like here and there is always appreciated, and it's lets us know what you like, and more importantly, what you want! 

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For day to day updates, including team photos, competitions, and stories, like our Facebook page.

For riddles, meeting the team, and funny things we hear from watching your rooms, head over to our Instagram and give us a follow. 

And finally, for videos that will leave you chuckling and shouting for more behind the scenes, scroll through our TikTok, see if you can spot our viral video! 


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