Game Review!

Game Review!


So you've come to visit us to play the missing, you've been on a team building event to try to beat your colleagues at Radioactive, you've even brought a first date to attempt Breadcrumbs as an ice-breaker (Risky move but we support you). 


Have you ever taken one of our at home escape games away to play in the comfort of your own kitchen? 

Today, Lauren has been answering some questions about the Exit Game she played over new year to give you an idea of what to expect. 

Q: Hi Lauren, tell us a little bit about the Exit game you played most recently, the Cemetery of the Knight. 

A: Hi! So my partner and I played this one recently, and I absolutely loved it! The theming is that you are trying to find an artifact in a graveyard, but as always with the Exit games, there are plenty of twists and turns to work your way through. 

Q: You seem really excited about it, is this your favourite Exit that you've played?

A: To be honest, no! But this is definately up in my top six (And there is a lot of them to choose from). I'm very vocal about my favourite ones being the Cursed Labyrinth and House of Riddles, this is followed closely by Kidnapped in fortune city, but this particular game was so enjoyable to play, and some of the puzzles are the best ones yet- I may even take inspiration from them when building the new rooms! 

Q: Most important question, did you escape?

A: So.... yes? Unfortunately I accidently swiped off of the timer on the app and had to restart it. So I'm not sure whether we managed it within the 60 minutes, but we did get all the way through the game with just a single hint, which is average for us. 

Q: How many people would you recommend playing this one with? 

A: I've played various Exit games with different size groups, but with this one I probably would recommend sticking with 2 or 3. Unlike some of the other games, you can use pretty much all of the props/ clues from the beginning, so trying to share them around anymore than 3 people may get a little bit chaotic. 

Q: What was your favourite puzzle? 

A: Ooh cheeky! I obviously cannot answer that without giving anything away, but what I will say is that I love the puzzles in the Exit games that you have to cut up and peice together to solve, and it was one of those. 

Q: What game are you planning on playing next? 

A: Well, I've bought one of the Unlock Adventures with a Robin Hood themed game, so I want to try that one out, but the one I have had my eye on for a while is the Exit: Gate Between Worlds, and the ending of the Cemetery of the knight seems to hint towards that one, so probably going to be picking up a copy soon enough! 

So, Have you given any of the games a go yet? Take a look at our online shop for what we have available, and keep an eye in store for limited edition games! 

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