Do you want to play a game?

Do you want to play a game?


As Plymouth's premier escape room, you can expect a fantastic experience from us when you come to visit, with puzzles and riddles galore- an experience for friends, family and colleagues alike.

But did you know that the fun can continue long after you walk out of our doors? We sell a wide variety of take-home escape games to suit different ages, tastes, and budgets, to have and to hoard, or to give as the perfect gifts for birthdays or the upcoming festive season. 

From our Deckscape games that are perfect for taking on holiday, to our limited-edition EXIT Advent calendars, there is a game to suit everyone – and of course, you can bet that our game hosts have tried them out! We caught up with a few them about which games they have played, and why they loved them!


Lauren: I’ve played the “Behind the Curtain” game from Deckscape and absolutely loved some of the puzzles in there! I like that you can play it on your own or with other people. I admit we did accidently come to the right answers in the wrong way! If you don’t write on the score card, then you could probably re-use the game again.

Joe: The fact you can play it on your own is a great benefit, the price point is really appealing and they can be made re-usable which is good. The storyline was cheesy but in a good way, and there were some very interesting puzzles.

Puzzle Post:

Tash: I’ve done a few different types of take room escape game, and this was the most Challenging one I’ve done! I liked the design of the envelope, everything made sense with no red-herrings, and it looked really well put together, I still need to finish the one I started!

Lauren: I liked how different these games are to anything else. There’s physical and mental puzzles to do and without giving too detailed spoilers, in a few of the games you have to get your phone involved! You input answers onto a computer so need to have a tablet or a laptop to hand.

Exit games:

Lauren: My personal favourite with escape room games, I love the Exit boxes. They have a premium feel from the moment you open the box, and it creates a real gather round the table feel with all the props and puzzle styles you have. This one is best suited to larger groups out of the games mentioned here I think because you can do more than one path at the same time.

Joe: To me, the exit games are an event, I’ll set aside an afternoon/ evening to play one. I really like that you have to get involved and tear it up and move stuff around. People who try to stop destructiveness to try to preserve the game will miss out on what makes it fun, so just accept it is one use and go all in. Some of the puzzles are a little contrived, but overall, there is some good stuff in there.

Unlock games:

Morgan: I like how they are physical cards, but also have the app to go with it that is themed to each room to make you feel so immersed in the game with the sounds and the actions. My favourite one so far is Level Up from the Heroic Adventures box.

Joe: 3 games in one box is really good value for money. I really like the app, the puzzles are inventive and I like the different approaches you can take with the app. Having only done 2 of them I don’t know much about them, but I’d definitely be interested in playing more.

We are always getting in new games and trying out new brands for you to play, so have a look at what we have to offer next time you come to visit!.....(Or....if you just can’t wait, take a look at our Website or on our Facebook shop!)

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